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Discourse Analytics leverages existing organization data to curate a unique understanding, engagement, and activation of its learners to drive improved ROI. 

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How We Do It

Parents know that siblings don’t all learn the same way. 

So, why do student assessment exercises start with demographic categories like race, gender, or zip code instead of human insights about each learner’s unique personal mindset? 

Behavioral signals, not demographics, are the key to unlocking a holistic understanding of the person, their drivers, and blockers that guide their learner journey. Operationalizing how people make their choices is critical for organizations who want to create more effective learner journeys. 

Find out how Discourse Analytics helps organizations and institutions across the education and knowledge economies improve outcomes by engaging their learners in a more empathic and relevant manner. Our solutions are adaptable and designed to integrate with your existing environment to scale 1-to-1 communication to create a better sense of belong… and more.


Build individualized profiles using historical data and conversational engagement with your constituents.


Nudge each constituent towards a better outcome based on their unique mindset.


Understand how you are progressing towards your objectives, use real-time data to adjust your path.

Understanding the Individual

People experience the world uniquely and what motivates their behavior is entirely personal. Effectively nudging to drive action requires understanding how to speak to each person. That's why it is important to not just hear a student, but really listen to them and communicate with them effectively. A student with a growth mindset will hear a message differently than one with a fixed mindset. We map user behavior to attitudes and leverage our patented "Think-alike" engine containing real world interactions with more than 7.5 million people to create mindset profiles to prescribe the nudge that drives users to take action and meet their goals. That way we speak to students how they want to be spoken to.

Gartner, Eduventures Research, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have recognized Discourse Analytics as a leader in the use of AI to advance learner progression and success.

Discourse Analytics is proud to be a Trendsetter Finalist in the 2023 EdTEch Awards. Read more here >

Let's Work Together

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