Digital Counselor

The Digital Counselor™ is an AI-enabled personalization platform that enhances the learner journey by providing institutions with early-warning of learner progression and attrition risk together with targeted nudges that enable proactive, individualized and empathic interventions to drive improved outcomes and help keep learners on track throughout the entire learning journey.

Event Tracking

Digital Counselor™ platform ingests data from everywhere (forms, software applications, human notes) and makes them available to the signal mapping process

Student Profiles

Digital Counselor™ keeps a constantly updated view of student attitudes, and ensures each new data point is included to maximize effectiveness

Signal Mapping

New data is interrogated for additional signals and used as input to update the current view of each student

Event-Driven Targeting

As Student Profiles and statuses within their academic paths are updated, Digital Counselor™ recommends content and messaging to drive performance

Multi-Channel Delivery

Digital Counselor™ connects with your existing CRM channels to ensure students receive the institution’s nudges when and where they are spending time

98% of students want their colleges and universities to leverage information about them in order to improve their services.

Discourse Analytics works with institutions to consume anonymized data about students from across campus and online in order to build attitudinal profiles that can be used to facilitate student outcomes.

From Insights to Activation

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