Case Studies

Admission & Summer Melt

Working with a small private not-for-profit college in Florida, Discourse Analytics was able to reduce melt and improve the overall yield for the class of 2022. Our work delivered a $2.9mm increase in first year student tuition from the Fall 2017 enrollment.

Student Retention & Re-Enrollment

Leveraging data from the university’s Learning Management System, we deployed early warning indicators and enabled faculty and academic advisors to deploy personalized nudges. The result was a 25% improvement in quarter over quarter persistence.

Mortgage Churn Reduction

Tasked with improving engagement with borrowers and reducing churn, we analyzed Texas mortgage servicing company’s portfolio to reduce the attrition associated with mortgage refinancing.

Product Cross Sales

Diversified consumer financial services companies have a complex view of their customers, but can benefit from personalized conversations with them. Predicting the appropriate product to cross-sell for a top-10 financial institution, Discourse Analytics improved cross-sell adoption on average 34%.

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