Student Success & Persistence

Improving student outcomes through personalized messages and advising

Early Identification of At-Risk Students

A private college in New England deployed the Discourse Analytics Digital Counselor to enhance student retention and success in its Adult Continuing Education program. Retention rates in the program were low and the professional advising team sought innovative ways to support this non-traditional group of students.

Challenges faced by the University

Limited ability to proactively identify struggling students in need of assistance early enough in their journey
lack of prescriptive frameworks to deploy interventions to students quickly enough to be impactful not having a standardized measurement of the impact of engagement with students.

The Solution

The Digital Counselor was integrated with the program’s Learning Management System (LMS) in order to provide the school’s professional advising team with actionable, data-driven insights to enable proactive interventions methodology & keep students on track.

The Digital Counselor helped identify signals of academic difficulty, prescribe and deliver interventions as soon as potential academic challenges were observed through personalized emails based on students’ non-cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

Personalized Content Drives 26.5% improvement in Retention

Controlled pilots pointed to a significant improvement in quarter over quarter retention for students who were targeted with interventions.

With more than 99.99% confidence, Retention Rates improved 26.5%, pointing to a potential improvement in expected lifetime revenue per student of more than $4,117, or 17.4%.


Retention Rate