Smart, automated study groups for optimized learning

SmartPods is the first-of-its kind AI enabled study group architecture that algorithmically recommends student study groups based on the individual students’ complimentary mindsets to improve the learner journey. 

Study groups have been recognized as one of the best modes to build soft skills and hard skills to get projects done. The composition of the group, however, is often driven less by data and experience and more by ad hoc selection.  Discourse Analytics, in partnership with Microsoft, launched SmartPods to help teachers create smart study groups that optimize student skill development. 

By analyzing individual student capacities, strengths, weaknesses, learning styles and mindsets, SmartPods automatically provides instructors with “study group recommendations” on how to configure those groups to enhance the students’ collective and individual ability to develop hard and soft skills, learn, engage, and progress.

The “SmartPods for Teams” app allows schools to unlock the hidden value of data stored in its TEAMS platforms as well as Learning Management Systems and related content pathways to deliver the next generation of learner analytics and improved outcomes.

Why SmartPods

Streamlines group selection for teachers

Improves collaboration amongst students

Enables both individual and group progression

Automates nudging to improve teaching

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