The Right Fit

Discourse Analytics has created several products that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing platforms to improve outcomes. 

Conversation Widget

Deepen the connections you have with your learners, colleagues, or prospective students with the Conversation Widget tool. The data collected through the widget allows you to better understand your constituents and choose an individualized course of action that benefits them the most. 

Digital Counselor

The Digital Counselor platform helps to improve scalable personalization efforts by using behavioral signals from a variety of existing systems to build a profile of a student's attitudinal dimensions.

The AI-driven platform creates customized nudges that establish the kind of authentic and trusting conversations that drive improved learning outcomes, individual experiences, and melt reduction.


This first-of-its kind AI driven study group architecture that brings people together algorithmically based on their complimentary mindsets to improve the learner journey, to help align students for optimized individual and group learning. 

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