Discourse Analytics (DA) is the market leader in the use of AI to improve student progression, retention and success and does not use demographic data, personally-identifiable information (PII), or proxy data (e.g. ZIP Code) making it the most bias-free and DEI-compliant solution in the market.

DA enhances existing AI applications by improving and scaling personalization efforts by aligning its prescriptive nudges to the problem being targeted and mindset of the student for improved targeting and activation. The DA platform ingests behavioral signals from a variety of campus systems and uses them as evidence of a student’s attitudinal dimension (e.g. growth vs. fixed mindset, high or low resilience, etc.) to build a profile that can align to other think-alike students seen by the platform to then create nudges that tie to profile and problem to create more authentic conversations. These insights are surfaced for either manual or automated action by advising staff. This allows one to drive improved outcomes and reshape the landscape, not just advance progression.

Our clients include K-12 academic institutions, higher education institutions, financial services, and institutions working on workforce enablement, and corporate training.

Our Team

Alejandra Acosta

Director of Knowledge Sector

Mark Armstrong

Chief Product Officer

Lou Aronson

CEO / Founder

Kelly Gans

Engagement Analyst

Imran Gondal

Director of Development

Abigail Gwydir

Customer Success Manager

Greg Guilford

Chief Financial Officer

Niti Nguansiri

Director of Customer Success

Kenton Perez

Senior Sales Executive

Vijay Perincherry

Chief Science Officer / Co-founder

Alex Riker

Senior Sales Executive

Ke'Aira Wooden-Brown

CPA Senior Accountant

Board of Directors

Key Advisors

Vijay Perincherry

Co-Founder & Chief Data Science Officer, Discourse Analytics

Stu Porter

Founder & Managing Director, Denham Capital

Bart Perkins

Managing Director, Leverage Partners, CIO – Yum Brands

Margo Day

Fmr. VP US Education, Microsoft


Mark Perry

Retired General Partner, New Enterprise Associates