Corporate Learning

Advancing the Speed of Outcomes

The learner journey within corporate skilling and re-skilling is no longer about access; rather the challenge is to create connectivity of the learner to the content to support the value exchange in order to enhance the rate of completion and mastery attainment. This journey is unique to the learner and not defined by their demographics.

Discourse Analytics improves mastery and skilling in adaptive learning pathways through tailored nudges and content recommendations to facilitate personal learning journeys.  Learners that were nudged improved their confidence levels in the course materials at a much faster rate than those that did not. Nudged learners also completed more levels in terms of competence.


Employees expect personalized experiences from data

Customized Solutions

Find the right combination of our products to seamlessly integrate into your existing systems to improve employee outcomes. 

Conversation Widget

The Conversation Widget is an enhanced audience engagement tool that allows you to develop a personalized, 1-to-1 conversation with your current customers at scale.

Digital Counselor

The Digital Counselor is an AI-enabled personalization platform that enhances the learner journey with early-warning detection and targeted nudges.

Data Analytics

We'll provide a comprehensive analysis of our work so we can determine the best route to take to reach your goals and improve outcomes together.

DA improves scalable personalization efforts by aligning its prescriptive nudges to each learner's real world challenges:

  • Information Overload
  • Workforce Resistance
  • Ineffective Training Methods
  • Mundane vs. Periodical Tasks
  • Lack of Engagement
  • Personal Roadblocks
  • Poor Support System

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