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    Every person's journey is unique

    “Mindsets are your beliefs about how the world works that shape the reality you experience.  Think of them as the operating system for your mind – operating below the surface but controlling everything that happens.”

    Kelly McGonigal – The Upside of Stress

    Results matter - Now more than ever

    “Chances are, your institution has long had sound systems and processes in place to anticipate and mitigate student attrition…….This new generation of at-risk student is the otherwise stable student who now feels isolated or deprived of opportunity.

    To keep them on track, it won’t be about pre-2020 predictive models and tutoring or financial aid. It will be about looking for them outside of the usual methods and finding ways to restore a sense of community and opportunity in the student experience.”

    Eduventures, February 2, 2021