Addressing the Challenges in Higher Ed

Customized solutions to improve student outcomes

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Now more than ever academic institutions are weathering the perfect storm of shifting demographics, increased student demands, financial and revenue pressure and challenges at each step of the student funnel/journey. Pay for performance and related reporting and accountability issues only serve to heighten the challenges. Whether the school is trying to improve its admission funnel, student understanding and engagement or drive increased donations, schools are being forced to confront how to use it’s data more effectively to improve ROI at each step of this cycle.

But driving enrollment alone will not solve the population pressures confronting todays institutions. We need to improve learning, retention, and success. 

Discourse Analytics works with schools to improve the admissions process, reduce summer melt that puts multiple years of tuition at risk, targeting interventions by counselors and advisors, and putting students on a career path that works for them

Customized Solutions

Find the right combination of our products to seamlessly integrate into your existing systems to improve student outcomes. 

Conversation Widget

The Conversation Widget is an enhanced audience engagement tool that allows you to develop a personalized, 1-to-1 conversation with your customers at scale

Digital Counselor

The Digital Counselor™ is an AI-enabled personalization platform that enhances the learner journey with early-warning detection and targeted nudges.


SmartPods is an AI enabled study group architecture that recommends student study groups based on the individual students’ complimentary mindsets.

The Learning Journey

Case Studies

Check out these market validated proof points that show the impact of our work in higher education. 

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