All you Need is Nudge

A great Freakonomics Podcast that we just had to share! When Richard Thaler published Nudge in 2008 (with co-author Cass Sunstein), the world was just starting to believe in his brand of behavioral economics. How did nudge theory hold up in the face of a global financial meltdown, a pandemic, and other existential crises? With … Read more

How might artificial intelligence change the way we teach?

Beyond excited that Season 2 Episode 1 of the Michigan Virtual podcast series, Bright, has launched where our CEO, Lou Aronson, discusses the application of AI, nudging, and prescriptive analytics in furthering outcomes for high school students. Please give a listen: Personalized Nudges. Improved Outcomes. Request a Demo 4929 Bethesda Ave #200, Bethesda, MD … Read more