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Personalized Nudges

Improved Outcomes


Discourse Analytics provides predictive and prescriptive insights that empower institutions to more effectively engage their constituents to achieve a higher value path along their journey.

Eliminating Data Siloes, Activating Insights

Data Rich, Insights Poor

Data siloes restrict the ability of institutions to activate their vast data on a personalized basis.

Discourse Analytics’ has solved this challenge by mapping data from across the organization (CRM, Learning Management Systems, Student Information Systems and Loan Origination Systems) and converting that data into actionable insights and nudges.

Discourse Analytics’ profiles and nudges transform systems of record to systems of intelligence.

Personalizing for Attitudes Drives Better Nudges

Speaking to Individuals

Professors position study habit recommendations differently for students with growth vs. fixed mindsets. Every loan officer knows a how to adjust the positioning of a loan offer to a borrower’s risk tolerance.

Individuals experience the world uniquely and what motivates their behavior is entirely personal. Effectively nudging to drive action requires understanding how to speak to each person.

Discourse Analytics maps user behavior to attitudes, and leverages its knowledge graph of more than 4 million “think-alike profiles” to prescribe the nudge that drives users to take actions that meet business goals. And, we do this without using demographic date or any personally identifiable information.

Understand the Attitudes


perception of one’s own capabilities and strengths in the context of desired objectives


desire for additional information when knowledge is perceived as lacking in specificity

Financial Comfort

level of comfort about one’s own personal financial situation

Growth Mindset

desire to improve oneself to acquire skills and capacities perceived as good


drive to pursue the tasks necessary to achieve a certain goal


willingness to consider for acceptance ideas and views
that contradict one’s own


mental strength to bounce back from failures to try again


level of awareness of one’s own strengths and weaknesses


strength of belief in one’s own capabilities and knowledge


drive to plan and follow specific schedules deemed useful to achieve goals


belief that one is capable of handling a situation without help from others

Social Intelligence

willingness and ability to relate to others, and engage with them

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